Full Day Tour to Machu Picchu

Taking a full day tour to Machu Picchu? We tell you the schedule in detail.

For those travelers who do not have much time for their trip to Peru and their itinerary includes a 1-day visit to Machu Picchu, Peru Trip Advisors is happy to explain in detail the itinerary of that spectacular and memorable day where you will explore the Inca ruins 🙂 .

The schedules that appear in the infography are the ranges that we usually manage but the exact hours will depend on the trains that are finally reserved and vary according to each passenger, since each itinerary is different.

Please take note that this schedule starts at the Sacred Valley and ends in Cusco.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

full day tour to Machu Picchu

Full day tour to Machu Picchu

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